How does Jotto work?

How about we give you an example?

Case study: Axial

Axial is a 95-person startup based in New York City. Jotto was adopted by the product and data teams to share ideas both within and beyond their teams.

Axial heavily uses Slack and also publicly blogs, but something was missing. The teams wanted a way to share deeper ideas and have conversational threads that did not work within a slack channel. They also wanted all of the information to be kept private (i.e. within the company's walls). They didn't want to worry about confidentiality or editing content for public consumption.

Index screenshot

They created a team on Jotto's cloud-hosted service, and jumped right into sharing. Any employee can login using Google Apps authentication. Anyone can post and comment. Axial also integrated Jotto into Slack so that people can see new activity.

Post screenshot

In any given week, the team shares interesting data trends, new ideas and research, results of key initiatives, and even interviews with teammates. Axial has only begun to explore how Jotto can bring them all together, but so far it has successfully knit the product, engineering and data teams together, and well as brought a whole new level of transparency for those groups to the rest of the organization.

Here are some other examples of the kinds of things people share on Jotto.

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