What Is Jotto?

Let's give you the rundown...

Jotto gives groups a private place to share mid-to-long form content — in essence it is a 100% private blog for teams. We originally built Jotto to help align our own teams and shape an effective culture. We've been operating the service since 2015 and treat it like a sustainable startup.

Sharing the Written Word

Team communication is a never-ending and complicated task. Some groups use Jotto to collaborate within their team, while others use it to externalize their work and ideas out to the rest of their company. The common thread across our customers is they needed a private place to share and comment upon mid-to-long-form content (stories, thoughts and images). [Read a case study]

Core Features

Jotto has a minimalist design that focuses on the content.

Jotto screenshot

  • Authorization: Jotto supports Google single-sign-on (SSO) out of the box, or you can choose to authorize your teammates through emails/passwords. (note: Google SSO teams can also allow external members outside of their Google apps domain to join their Jotto instance using email/password).
  • Roles: Everyone has the ability to be an author, commentor or a reader. The only special "user role" is admins, who have the ability to add/remove users, delete posts, set a custom logo for their team instance and customize "topics" for easy browsing.
  • Writing: Jotto provides a clean, minimalist WYSIWYG editing interface that supports visual formatting. Images can be dragged into the editing interface to be added to a post. (note: Jotto does not currently support markdown).
  • Reading: Everyone can see who has read a post, and people can respond with comments or emoji reactions.
  • Notifications: Jotto sends a weekly email digest that includes any posts from the previous week, and admins can integrate Jotto to a Slack room for notifications on new posts or comments
  • Auto-Save: Jotto auto-saves drafts as a user is writing.
  • Avatars: Users have the ability to customize their avatar image. If the team is set up using Google SSO, the default avatar image is initially pulled from Google.


Jotto runs on a combination of Heroku (owned by Salesforce.com) and Amazon Web Services. The combination allows for excellent security, uptime and scalability. [More on security and backups]


Anyone can use the application for free and invite as many people to their private team as they wish. We have not activated a pricing model yet for the application, but for full transparency, here is our current plan for doing so: Free Jotto teams will only be able to read and search their last 15 posts. All posts are saved, but to unlock a team's full history, we will charge $10 per user per year. Unlike many services, we offer single-sign-on for Google Apps teams (and soon Slack teams) for free. We also offer Slack integration for notifications for free to all teams.


You can email us at support@jottohq.com.