Simple, beautiful, private publishing for your team.

Jotto gives groups a private place to share mid-to-long form content. It is used to align teams, to share thoughts across a company, to externalize progress, or simply to create a safe place to think out loud.

We found Jotto to be invaluable as a tool to bring together various points of view, create a meaningful discussion, and form clear, shared understanding.

— Jeff Gothelf, author of LeanUX

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Some of our design principles.

  • The written word brings people together.
  • When people can share ideas in private, rather than public, they will be more open and less stressed.
  • Treat everyone equally. Everyone can contribute, and everyone can listen.
  • It is better to build a simple, focused tool that does one thing well, than a broad tool that does many things only adequately.
  • Jotto is designed for mid-to-long form content.
  • We don't want to disrupt or interrupt. A good tool does not shatter productivity but enhances it.

A simple and straightforward tool that gets the job done. No bloat, just effectiveness.

— Chris Carella, entrepreneur/investor

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We call ourselves the “shared understanding” company.

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What is shared understanding?

It is about aligning the team around essentials: the who, what, where, how and why of your work. It is about building clarity while valuing different perspectives. It is about giving everyone a voice while still enabling leadership to lead. Jotto is about telling stories. Not from us to you. From you to you.